Case Study & Testimonials

Case Study

PPC Case Study #1

The client had very sporadic sales. During specific periods of the year, sales were almost 400% higher than the average monthly figure. Brand awareness was not very high and most sales came from customers who already knew about the brand.

PPC Case Study #2

At the end of 2020, with falling sales at their shop caused by lockdown restrictions, this customer realised that there was potential to sell and promote their products online. However, they had limited experience of digital advertising and they needed instant results

Account Growth Case Study #1

We targeted a sales goal of $350,000 for the first year with a gross margin of 30% after advertising expenses. We wanted to maintain MAP pricing policy and ideally grow the business without impacting sales from their own website.

Account Growth Case Study #2

We had 50% increase over same period last year and 27% of sales YTD from Advertising 600% Return. Optimized catalog of 750+ products and developed 22 A+ pages

Case Study

600% sales increase with Sponsored Ads

Discover how utilizing Sponsored Ads helped a home and garden decor brand achieve six times higher revenue on Amazon.

Case Study

Boosting Sales with Amazon DSP

Have you plateaued with your Sponsored Ads campaigns? Retargeting will take you to the next level! Find out what’s possible in this real case study!

Case Study

Bestseller with Sponsored Ads

Since Universum Film first entered film production in 2005, the company began making a successful name for itself. The factor-a …

Case Study

68% sales increase through Amazon Marketing

AEG is a leading global manufacturer of home appliances for private and commercial use. Our Team’s expertise in Amazon Marketing …


DiscountAx surely knows what they are doing. It was my first time creating my own Amazon market, but I faced plenty of drawbacks on it, and that's when I approached DiscountAx. They helped me understand that the products you sell should be trending or in great demand. I learned a lot working with them.

Gracey Stanford

I was looking to achieve a better Amazon seller ranking, and honestly, I had no idea how to do that. DiscountAx helped me understand that Amazon product research does matter when establishing an Amazon platform. Truly amazed at how much they knew. Keep up the good work, guys.

Dylan Cross

Although it may seem like a tiny thing, product research can be your path to your success, and that's what I witnessed working with DiscountAx. It indeed increased my store's click-through rates.

Dennis L. Jane