Case Study #3


The brand pursued these key goals:
  • 1. Generate higher revenue
  • 2. Improve product visibility
  • 3. Increase organic sales

  • Their 50+ products, while distinguished by high quality, were not seen by the customers due to insufficient Best Seller Rankings (BSR), unfavourable search result positions and missing customer reviews. After defining the goals with the client, DiscountAx performed a thorough portfolio analysis. We found that to scale the customer base, there is a substantial need for product detail page optimization and a clear Sponsored Advertising strategy.


    DiscountAx took over the management of the Seller Central and developed product content with relevant keywords to ensure users find exactly what they need before converting. To grow revenue and push visibility, we implemented Sponsored Products campaigns for the customer’s focus products. Our strategy included bidding on generic (product-relevant) and competitor (brand) keywords while utilizing product and category targeting. Since the client’s brand awareness is quite low, defensive (brand) keywords were not considered essential. During the 2019 Prime Day, deal products were highlighted with adjusted bids to reap the day’s traffic explosion. The ultimate objective of the Sponsored Ads campaigns was to boost sales. This ensures that products place higher in the search results and start selling organically.


    We were able to deliver on all defined goals. The revenue rose from the starting point of £3,760 (Mar 2019) to a monthly average of £21,400 (Apr-Sep 2019) – an increase of 600%. The product detail pages were visited over two times more often than before while the conversion rate improved from 3.6% to 6.7%. Consumers started reviewing products in the portfolio, thus fostering additional trust. As the items sold with a higher frequency, the BSR grew, making the products more visible to the users and in turn ensuring a healthy organic sales growth. In the measured period, the client enjoyed a 500% increase in organic sales.