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Amazon Explore

POSTED ON April 18, 2021

Amazon have become a disruptive for many industries, some would argue there isn’t much they couldn’t attempt to take on. On this particular occasion, we find Amazon extending support to small businesses by offering them the chance to tap into an enormous amount of search traffic and show off personalised products, locations and services, meet Amazon Explore.

Whether you are a chef with a unique cooking style, a store owner with never before seen products, or a tour guide in a part of the world no-one has ever seen. You can sign up to the platform (currently in beta), take advantage of discounted content creating products, required to take part, and begin booking one to one sessions with amazon customers and sell your products.

At DiscountAx, we are always keeping an eye on the changes that lie ahead and develop further into these areas. With that said, we see this is an early attempt by Amazon to tap into the travel industry.

Imagine if you will, Amazon customer books a one to one tour guide experience with a hotel owner in Bulgaria, which happens to be the most beautiful and rural untapped location ever seen, Amazon customer is then offered a discounted hotel and flight to this location. You might say, “but this is not new” and you would be right. Many platforms offer similar options, however, do they have the sheer volume of traffic and customers like amazon do!?

Only time will tell how Amazon Explore is received. If it does become succesful, we are certain that a new type of client will emerge and we will be prepared for it when it does.