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HTML formatting no more!

POSTED ON June 19, 2020

When setting up products on Amazon, our process involves starting with the manual peparation of images, title, bullet points, description and keywords, offline. From here we go into each flat file per category and drill down on the attributes and make sure EVERYTHING is filled in.

The topic of discussion here centres around Amazon’s recent announcement to remove HTML formatting from a products description on listings, which is expected to go live on June 8th 2021 onwards.

Now, we are not huge fans of the product description section on Amazon as it is often overlooked, squashed between ‘Advertising’ and ‘Similar Products’ and looks like a smattering of text in amongst a slightly messy framework, having said that, its importatnt to fill in so your product listing befits from the optomisaton score associated with this section. To spice it up, Amazon have always allowed the use of HTML to break up the description into something that would be easier to read, this would include breaks in paragraphs, bold text and bullet points.

It seems an odd move by Amazon but there is always a reason, most likely abuse from sellers, so it’s better to remove for all, instead of punish the few.

Be sure to check ALL of your listings and remove any HTML as Amazon have made this a policy and any HTML formatting left in your description may cause your listings to violate Amazon’s policies. Amazon had oringally not been clear when they first annouced this and many were asking if formatting such as '<br>' could be used, they have since confirmed it is possible to use to create breaks in paragraphs.

Our recommendation would be to focus on A+ content for your listings, if you have access to Brand Registry. This offers better tools and space to make your products stand out and can potentially increase sales by as much as 5%. It can also help reduce your returns by explaining the features of a product in more depth and how to use them.