Amazon PPC Case Study #2


At the end of 2020, with falling sales at their shop caused by lockdown restrictions, this customer realised that there was potential to sell and promote their products online. However, they had limited experience of digital advertising and they needed instant results.

What We Did

We analysed the customer’s costs and created campaigns which would enable them to reach their break even ACoS as quickly as possible. Careful optimisation and budget management meant that wasted spend was eliminated quickly and low ACoS campaigns were promoted Even when products suffered from unforeseen stock issues, we ensured that available items were put in front of the customer and these took over as new hero products.


From Month 1 to 3, impressions increased by 177% to over 3 million, orders increased by 211%, sales increased by 363% from £2000 to over £9000 and ACoS was within 3% of the customer’s target from Month 2.

  Before Dec 2020   Total Sales: £2.1K   Cost: £1.1K   ACoS: 51%

  After Jan 2021   Total Sales: £10K   Cost: £3.1K   ACoS: 30%