Amazon Account Growth Case Study#2

50% increase over same period last year

The Challenges

School Supplies company had advertising campaigns that were running at a very high cost. They had 750+ products but had not optimized them with keywords and had created no A+ pages. They consistently add products to their line every year but had no growth strategy.

How DiscountAx Helped

Velocity Sellers created more efficient advertising campaigns as well as implemented coupons and promotions. Their listings were optimized, with A+ pages for their best sellers. Velocity Sellers communicated directly with Amazon on account issues to ensure the catalogue was appropriately represented.

The Results

    1. 50% increase over same period last year

    2. 27% of sales YTD from Advertising 600% Return

    3. Optimized catalog (750+ products)

    4. Developed 22 A+ pages