About Us

Who We Are

DiscountAx was established in 2017, in London, England. We started as a small company that bought from wholesalers and manufacturers based in the UK. Over a year we built up our brand and secured strong working relationships with both customers and suppliers. By this time, we had gone LCC, getting better and better deals the more experience we gained. Consequently, the trust in us as a reputable seller on Amazon grew exponentially, and midway through 2019, we decided to expand and became an amazon agency.

Mission & Vision Statement

Embedded in our brand values, the way we work and our commercial model is one common thing – partnership. We act with integrity, treat every business as if it were our own (which sometimes means digging our heels in and having tough conversations) and share in each other’s success from our unique, shared-risk, commercial model. We are a part of your team, not your agency.

  • Vision

    Burak Cicek Registered our company and with a vision to build a better future…

    October 2017

  • Registration

    DiscountAx Registered Intellectual property, Vertigo Stores…

    November 2017

  • Research

    After months of research, development We Launched our first big success product in the electrical consumable industry….

    March 2018

  • Expand Products

    We expanded our product line into multiple categories, including pets, kids & baby, gardening and toys & Games…

    October 2018

  • Best Seller

    DiscountAx become Amazon.co.uk best seller in 2 dozen product lines…

    January 2019

  • Bespoke Agency Launch

    DiscountAx launched its Amazon agency and PPC management agency with visions to become the UK's most bespoke amazon agency.

    May 2019

  • Sharing Our Sucess

    DiscountAx acquired its first client in July of 2019. Together, we worked diligently to provide Stella level service and growth. As a result, within the first year of partnering up, the client account grew from £20k a month to 65K a month.

    July 2019

  • Priority's

    Discountax leadership team decided to limit the number of clients we would manage to maintain bespoke service. Contact us for availability details.

    March 2020

  • Supply Chain Data

    Supply chain research! We soon realised UK's supply chains were under immense stress due to the Covid-pandemic. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and intensively researched Uk wholesalers; we now have access to over 400,000 Uk-based wholesalers and suppliers. Our private database is available only for our clients.

    August 2020

  • Success Breeds Success!

    Following the success of our first store, discountax launched its second store using our extensive database to quickly grow our product line using UK suppliers, therefore super short lead times.

    January 2021